Mira Dining

The Mira Dining is a collection of cosmopolitan restaurants. Whilst diverse in cuisine type they share the same emphasis on sociability and connection of people over good food.

From Michelin-acclaimed fine-dining to hip and cozy bistros, Mira Dining has over 40 years of experience in providing dynamic experience in personal and business dining as well as curating parties & events.

Brand Design Concept
Everywhere you look inside a Mira-managed restaurant, the award-winning contemporary design appeal is evidently clear. It’s a group-wide concept that reveals itself in mira dining’s approach on beautiful and cutting-edge architecture. The concept is to transport guests to fresh new venues of comfort and relaxation to better enjoy all the best quality food being prepared. Modern, trendy, accessible and inventive, the design theme of every Mira Dining restaurant represents a distinctive aesthetic in complete harmony with a brand new era in modern dining.


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