Mooncake 2019

Unrivalled Mooncake Masterpieces by Cuisine Cuisine

Only the choicest salty egg yolks of premium size and quality are used for Cuisine Cuisine’s egg custard and mooncake delights. The classic selections include the highly sought-after Mini Egg Custard Mooncakes, which boast a rich and grainy egg custard encased in a buttery pastry shell, best to enjoy when gently warmed up; the traditional White Lotus Seed Purée Mooncakes with Triple Yolks (4pcs with a stylish cutlery set) or White Lotus Seed Purée Mooncakes with Double Yolks (4pcs) are classic treat for the festival.

Savor all four artisan mini mooncakes in the new “Petit Four Mini Mooncakes” collection. The four delicate handcrafted mooncakes include the signature Egg Custard Mini Mooncakes, the elegant and fragrant Rose Purée and Roselle Egg Custard Mini Mooncakes, and two new flavors Cumquat Purée and Mandarin Peel Mini Mooncakes and Black Sesame Purée Mini Mooncakes with Egg Yolk.

All of Cuisine Cuisine mooncakes are presented in a refined gift box engraved with a golden full moon, a showcase of artistary and sincere blessings to your business partners, friends and family.

Cuisine Cuisine sincerely presents the premium mooncake tea set gift box “Moonlight Bliss” this year. The “Moonlight Bliss” gift box presents two signature mooncakes of Cuisine Cuisine, 6-year aged Pu’er tea with Xinhui Tangerine, and a set of elegant glass tea ware. Relish in the art of gift-giving with this refined gift box.

2019 Cuisine Cuisine Mooncake Giftboxes
White Lotus Seed Purée Mooncakes with Triple Yolks (4pcs with a stylish cutlery set)
White Lotus Seed Purée Mooncakes with Double Yolks (4pcs)
Mini Egg Custard Mooncakes (8pcs)
【NEW】Petit Four Mini Mooncakes (8pcs)
【Limited Edition】Moonlight Bliss – Mooncake Tea Set Gift Box

All mooncake vouchers are now available for sale at Cuisine Cuisine and Tsui Hang Village restaurant outlets. You may also enter the Online Shop to place your order.
For Mira Plus and Tsui Hang Plus members, please click here to download the order form.


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