Cuisine Cuisine ifc – Delicate Cantonese Fine Fare

Mastering the 36 Cooking Methods in Chinese cuisine, the Master Chef of Cuisine Cuisine ifc offers a genuine Cantonese dining experience with dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients and time-honored recipes. In this summer, the chef’s team has specially prepared two tasting menus for you to enjoy exquisite dishes.

Exquisite Double Boiled Soup and Cantonese Delights Tasting Menu, $988/pax including Sautéed Imperial Bird’s Nest with Karasumi ,Carb Meat and Fresh Milk, Double-boiled Silky Fowl Soup with Abalone in Young Coconut, Braised Japanese Kanto Sea Cucumber with Fish Maws and more.
Premium Lobster and Signature Dried Seafood Tasting Menu, $1,388/pax including Sautéed Australia Lobster with Dried Chilli, Braised Sea Cucumber with Assorted Grains in Pumpkin Sauce, Braised Canadian Corn-fed Beef Rib in Homemade Sauce and more.

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Two Tasting Menus* are available from now until 31 October, 2022.

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*10% service charge, terms and conditions apply.

Cuisine Cuisine ifc
3101-3107, Podium Level 3, ifc mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong
Reservations: +852 2393 3933
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